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03 March 2012 @ 11:25 pm
title these broken wings
author patientalien
rating PG-13
word count 4629
summary Ahsoka watches a tragedy unfold, and is powerless to stop it.
notes AU of the Clone Wars episode "Friends and Enemies". Title and cut-text from "Blackbird" by The Beatles, and suggested by my lovely citizenjess.
WARNING Major Character Death

(Into the light of the dark black night)
09 October 2011 @ 06:14 pm
Hi there! I've been writing a bunch of fics for hc_bingo (hurt/comfort bingo, natch), and the lovely citizenjess pointed out that it might be a good idea to cross-post them. :) I decided to link to all of the pertinent ones in this post (aka, ones with Anakin and Ahsoka) instead of cluttering up the community with multiple entries. Enjoy


title Meet Your New Road
author patientalien
rating M
word count 1802
summary Post-RotS AU, Ahsoka is prisoner of Emperor Vader
warning dub-con, character death


title they say you can't catch it (but sometimes you're born with it)
author patientalien
rating PG-13
word count 1965
summary Anakin's not crazy, he's just a little unwell, and Ahsoka tries to help pick up the pieces.
warning suicide attempt(s)


title The Hangover
author patientalien
rating PG-13
summary Anakin is Ahsoka's best friend - and nobody's going to take him away from her.


title Every Waking Hour
author patientalien
rating PG
word count 807
summary Ahsoka knew Anakin was the last person who should be in the cockpit of a starfighter


title So We Fight Through the Hurt
author patientalien
rating PG-13
word count 2084
summary Ahsoka is tested when her Master is severely injured
warning Some gore

Title: Cosmic Love
Rating: Mature
Genre: Romance/Drama/Action
Summary: There is many types of love, love for your friend, and love for your ner’vod, love for your master, padawan, first love, and true love.  No Jedi can escape love.
Notes: Oh so very AU. Kind of a "what if" Like, what if Anakin left Padme? Would he still fall to the dark side if he was with Ahsoka? Would the Empire still come about? Would Order 66 still happen? We'll see...<3
I'm posting a link to it on fanfiction.net because Chapter One is too large to post apparently. Please enjoy! 

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28 March 2011 @ 12:54 am
A little picspam and quote under the cut.

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12 June 2010 @ 10:56 pm
Title: Darling, we may have won the battle, but we're still fighting the war
Rating: T/M
Genre: Action/Adventure/Drama/Angst
Summary: In a galaxy torn apart by war, Anakin's only trying to find his place as a warrior in the Slayer Order. Things change.
Characters: Anakin Skywalker, Ahsoka Tano, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Clone Captain Rex, Clone Commander Cody
Notes: *Very* slight crossover with Buffy the Vampire Slayer. This was intended to be an AU, but as I wrote it, I figured out it was more of an AR. Oh, and Ahsoka's outfit is based on Natasha Romanoff's catsuit in Iron Man 2.
Warnings: In my head!canon, Ahsoka and Anakin share a far more tactile and bantering relationship than shown on Clone Wars. That's how I wrote them in this fic.

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26 May 2010 @ 10:41 pm
Title: Loves
Rating: T
Genre: Angst, drama
Summary: The four types of love, and how they have affected Anakin Skywalker's life.
Characters: Anakin Skywalker, Shmi Skywalker, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Padme Amidala, Ahsoka Tano
Spoilers: Clone Wars, 2003 Clone Wars series, ROTS
My heart's staying where my heart belongs...Collapse )


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20 January 2010 @ 04:46 pm
Not all Anakin/Ahsoka but plenty of Ahsoka =)
Please check them out!


May The Force Be With You
04 November 2009 @ 12:51 pm
I wrote an Anakin/Ahsoka/eventual Padme story that I'd like to pimp out here: The Patient Padawan.

It is set during the Clone Wars, so Ahsoka is "legal in the Core Worlds", but may be too squicky for you to read about in a sexual situation - if that's the case, please just pass this story on by. That said, my Explicit Adult Content filter is up on the entry - it is very porny, and also contains bondage and BDSM themes. Not to everyone's tastes, but I'm hoping, at least, to some people's.

Summary: Anakin decides to teach his apprentice a thing or two about the very thing he has yet to master; ~ 8,700 words. Enjoy!
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Since it appears that people had enjoyed my initial Anakin/Ahsoka fiction, I have decided to write a sequel, which takes place only a week after the first story.

Disclaimer:  These characters are the property of George Lucas.  No profit is being made, and no infringement is occurring.

Anakin Skywalker and Ahsoka Tano had been sent to Naboo, in order to quell a particularly vicious Separatist attack.  Anakin always took his Jedi assignments seriously, despite the fact that he always seemed to have fun.  On a personal level, this mission was particularly significant to Anakin.  Naboo was the homeplanet of his beloved wife Padmé, and Anakin was well-aware that her family was still there.  He just couldn't let anything happen to the Amidala family.  Anakin could never put aside his attachments.  

Anakin felt his cockpit rock from close encounters with turbolaser canon fire as he approached the Separatist ships.  On both sides, Clones and Naboo starfighters covered his flanks, spitting out plenty of ammunition against the Separatists.  Despite all of the assistance, it was clear that Anakin and his Padawan learner were overwhelmed.  Their Jedi Interceptor was about to be shot down.  Ahsoka staggered wearily to her feet, trying to predict what the damage would be.  "Hold on, Snips.  We'll be just fine,"  Anakin reassured her.

"I don't know if I should trust you, Skyguy,"  the brazen young girl retorted.

Anakin was cut off as a turbolaser blast caused his left turbine engine to explode.  Anakin felt the gravity shift more in his midsection than in his mind, as he swerved through the sky, spinning endlessly as black smoke emerged from his destroyed engine turbine.  Anakin's starfighter's belly scraped against the top of a Separatist ship, just to take the paint job off. 

"I'M HIT!  I'M HIT!!"  Anakin yelled into his comlink as he tried to guide the rapidly burning starfighter into a "controlled crash."

When Anakin's starfighter impacted into a huge lake of mud, time seemed to amazingly slow down.  It came into three parts.  Anakin's belt split apart at the back, his wrists snapped against the control board, and he flew through the permaglass canopy and fell right in the mud.  Ahsoka, sitting in the back of the starfighter, was fortunate enough to avoid the debilitating effects of the crash and to safely walk out of the Jedi Interceptor.  She looked at her Master lying there with his backside in the mud and burst out laughing.  A red-faced Anakin staggered to his feet, thourougly shamed and embarrassed in front of his young Padawan.  He was almost completely covered in mud: it was on his blonde hair, his leather vest, his black leather glove, his pants, his boots. 

As Anakin struggled to move through the mud and eventually got back on his feet, with his rear facing Ahsoka, she jovially exclaimed, "Look at all that mud on your butt, Skyguy!"  Anakin tried his best to wipe the mud off his pants, attempting to clean the waist, the fly, and the butt of his pants.  He quickly realized that his best efforts weren't helping, as the mud from his gloves were merely adding more mud to his pants.  Anakin had lost his belt when it snapped during the crash.  The belt fell off of Anakin's waist and landed in the mud in two pieces.  "Anakin's belt broke and down comes the pants!" Ahsoka playfully taunted.  

"Give me a break, Snips.  We're in a bit of a situation," Anakin replied, with his eyes scanning Ahsoka's firm, but feminine legs and her voluptuous, mature-looking breasts.  "My lightsaber was lost with my belt, and now I have no weapon to use against the Separatists.  Not to mention the fact that my right arm is probably dislocated," he said, gesturing toward his awkwardly bent limb. 

"You can use my lightsaber," Ahsoka assured him.  'I'll pick up a blaster from the Clones."

"Thanks, Snips.  I promise to take good care of it,"  Anakin replied.  And take good care of it he did.  Despite his bad arm, Anakin almost singlehandedly brought down the Separatist troops, although Ahsoka did much formidable work also.

After the battle ended, Ahsoka took Anakin on a much-needed trip to the clothing store.  After having his measurements taken, Anakin was supplied with a new Jedi uniform just like his usual one, completely with the leather vest, the utility belt, the pants, and even the leather glove.  Ahsoka was particularly titillated by the opportunity to manage Anakin's wardrobe, as she considered that one of the major duties of a female lover.

Master and Padawan decided to rest in a placating forest.  One can only imagine what kinky thoughts popped through Ahsoka's mind.  It didn't matter that her Master had told her that it couldn't be.  She knew that the attraction was there, and in her youth and naieveté, everything felt perfectly right to her.  Without saying a word, Ahsoka began clinging tightly to Anakin's waist.  At first he flinched, but then he completely gave in.  Her left hand moved automatically for Anakin’s belt, reaching to unbuckle it even as his right arm pulls Anakin’s body in close to hers, her left hand snaking between them to pull away Anakin’s belt.  Ahsoka returned to grappling Anakin's waist, tugging on the edges of his pants.  She also pinched his butt so hard that Anakin yelped in pain.  Ahsoka merely giggled even more fervently.  Anakin responded by sucking on Ahsoka's nipples and fingering her vagina.  Ahsoka then released her hold on Anakin's pants.  With no to belt to hold them up, they easily fell down.  Anakin was so stimulated that he rushed through the foreplay and aggressively, almostly violently, pulled Ahsoka's pants completely off and threw her shirt across the room.  Ahsoka had never been happier.  It was her first time, and she was sure it would be her best time.  Anakin thrust into her vagina with such fervor that it almost hurt.  But Ahsoka enjoyed every second of it.  As Anakin ejaculated into her, Ahsoka also experienced an orgasm- which lasted for sixty seconds.  

Neither of them could believe what had happened.  Well, Ahsoka could believe it, as she had been convinced that making love to Anakin was her destiny.  Anakin was just so thrilled that he didn't even have time to think about how his rash actions could affect the future, especially where Padmé is concerned.  It was a romance made in heaven or hell: your choice.